Which Marble Is Best to Use for Kitchen Countertops?

With so many different varieties of marble that are available from all over the world, it can be difficult to make the final choice on which is the best stone to use in your kitchen. Of course, all lifestyles and kitchens are different. That means that the best marble for a kitchen countertop in one house might not be the best one in another home. We will be taking a close look at various marbles for different kinds of kitchens to help you know which ones you should be looking out for.

Family Kitchens

If you have a busy kitchen with all of your family members doing a lot of cooking, you need to have a good worktop that matches this. Although marble is very hard-wearing when it is sealed and is able to take plenty of activity as well as acid spills such as vinegar or lemon, a whitish mark can be left. So for really busy kitchens (especially when there are children who are learning how to cook), you should stick with whiter hues since accidents will not be as visible. Some of the best varieties are Carraras and Arabescatos which provide a classic aesthetic.

Big Kitchens

If you have a bright and big kitchen, it gives you lots of freedom when it comes to selecting your marble colour. The key thing that you need to consider for these types of spaces is the patterning and veining. Since marble is mined in the form of slabs, you need to choose a variety that comes in a longer slab so that unnecessary joins can be avoided. It is worthwhile to consider how patterns can be joined at the seals that are in-between the slabs. There is a tendency for darker varieties to show more regular patterning, so consider Breccia or Nero marble.

Small Kitchens

In small kitchens, keep things light. That will help to maximise the room’s feeling of space and natural light. In smaller kitchens, corners are more obvious since they are closer to one another. Veined varieties of marbles such as Delicato or Calacatta can work very well here since you can mirror them at the corner joins to make them more artistic.

Statement Kitchens

For statement kitchens, marble is the ideal type of stone, since there are numerous dramatic varieties that are available. Depending on how the marble is cut, look for one big streak of veining on coloured marble, or swirling waves of movements in stones such as Travertine varieties. For statement kitchens, they will both provide great talking points.

Social Kitchens

If you have a kitchen that you use as an entertainment hub, from drinks and dinner to after school playdates, select the best marble countertop to meet your needs. Warm hues are ideal, so stick with greys and creams. Botticino varieties are welcoming and gentle, while Dove NUviolate will help to soften your room.

Finishing Touches

The marble variety  is of course not the only factor involved in how it will sit inside your kitchen. Other decisions that you will need to make are the edging and the finish. Those features can greatly alter a marble countertop’s appearance so considering it is definitely worthwhile. Depending on which range you decide on, you can choose from a textured, matte, or gloss finish. For marble countertops, rounder edging is very popular since it helps to avoid chipping.

Take Good Care of Your Marble

After you have the best marble installed for your kitchen countertops, it is essential to take good care of them. Fortunately, marble is a surface that is fairly low maintenance. After it has been sealed, the stone’s natural porosity is protected. Daily care of marble countertops is quite minimal if you reseal on a regular basis. Just wipe spills away with warm water and gentle washing-up liquid.

Marble is very personal. Get in touch with us to browse our ranges of marble or to discuss with us which variety might be best to suit your design concept and lifestyle. You may also like to consider the options available at Zen Stone.