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Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Going into 2021

Remember a time when we all spent most of our days at school, work, or somewhere outside of the house? Those were the good old days. Now, we spend most of our days at home thanks to the global lockdowns taking place because of the virus. This means making our homes more comfortable for us to live in, which comes with added expenses. While you could get away with shutting off your heating or cooling while out of the house for long periods, that’s no longer possible. Because the majority of homeowners are spending a lot of money on heating and hot water, that’s a large portion of expenses that are skyrocketing. Here are some of the best ways to begin saving money on your utility bills right now.

How to Save Money

1. Turn Down the Temperature

Believe it or not, turning down the temperature in your home a mere 1 degree can pay off in a big way. It could save you nearly £80 each year. Best of all, not everyone is going to notice it. If you do think it makes your home uncomfortably cold, you could always consider adding electric heaters to each room you spend a lot of time in. That way, you can turn it on to warm things up if it gets too cold. This can keep you from wasting a lot of money heating up your entire home when half of it is going unused most of the time.

2. Get Yourself a New Boiler or Switch to Electric

You should be thinking about doing one of these two things. If you are set on keeping a boiler, you might want to upgrade to a newer model. Making an upgrade to your model can result in significant energy savings. That being said, the upgrade is going to cost you quite a bit. Therefore, you need to factor that into the equation when you are trying to figure out if it’s going to save you money. Also, there is another point to consider. There has been a major shift in incentives to get people to go for more efficient energy sources. Therefore, it might not be the best time to invest in a boiler that uses fossil fuels when it seems like that’s on its way out the door. Instead, it might be a better option for the future and for the investment of your home to opt for something more forward-thinking like the options available from Electric Heating Expert.

3. Get Yourself a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat has become an invaluable part of any home. It can make your home ultra-efficient. While you could do a lot of the things manually with a thermostat that saves you money with a smart thermostat, it automates the process making it much more likely you will do it. It could be a pain to go to the thermostat and make changes every time you enter or leave the house. With a smart thermostat, you can have it track when you come and go. Meaning, it can shut off and turn on by using your proximity and location. Also, it can turn on specific areas of your home that need heating or cooling. That way, you aren’t forced to heat or cool your entire home when you are only occupying a single room. These things can add up to significant cost savings over a year.

Here are a few of the systems you could consider installing: