How are tips and guidelines for choosing effective and applicable corporate promotional souvenirs for the company’s promotional strategy. In this article, I will discuss tips and guidelines for choosing company souvenirs. For those of you who are looking for souvenirs and want to print souvenirs for your company’s needs, then this article is very relevant for you. Please take a look.

Souvenir is something that is considered a symbol of memories of events and events that have been experienced. Souvenir within the company itself is a medium or goods used by a company to advertise the company.

The goods referred to here are not in the form of pamphlets, brochures or others, but in the form of goods that can be used by consumers such as bags, umbrellas, wall clocks, glasses, pens, USB, and others. Currently, there are many companies that use souvenirs like this as a strategy to promote the company.

Questions often arise about what kind of souvenirs are suitable to be distributed to customers. Not to forget, the company must also think about the quality of the souvenir itself. This does not mean that free goods for customers can be carried out arbitrarily, because if the planning is wrong from the start, instead of being remembered, it will become the talk of the customers. The following are guide tips in choosing souvenirs, as well as for the promotion of your company:

Get to know the types and products of the company’s services

The first and most important thing is to recognize the type and service products that your company offers, because from here you can determine the souvenirs that you will distribute to customers, both new customers and loyal customers. For example: if you are in the beauty business, of course the products and services you offer will be related to beauty, such as face washes, acne medications, hand creams, and so on.

Souvenirs that you will later distribute to customers, whether they have just registered or give gifts for being good loyal customers related to the products you sell, such as samples of hand creams, acne medications, etc. directly (product introduction) or indirectly (word of mouth promotion which will be carried out by customers receiving souvenirs)

Learn the Target Audience You Want to Give Souvenirs

The target audience is important because gifting the target audience in the form of souvenirs will impress them. This allows the audience to remember about your company. In addition, it can also increase brand-awareness by itself. But how to study the target audience itself? There are several things that can be used as learning materials:


Demographics are the criteria you use to describe a particular section of the population. Some examples of demographics include age, gender, income, marital status, education, class, and so on.


You can also narrow your audience by location. You can also specify it via distance. For example, your target audience is within a 15-mile radius of the city where you do business, or you can target the cities that surround it.


Psychographic factors are also important. If your target market is business people, then try joining a group or community that is related to entrepreneurs. Look for what is being discussed or what is currently a trending topic among them, that way, it will be easier for you to find out what topics are currently trending among business people.


All of your competitors must have done various research on their customers, maybe even a few who immediately moved with the research they had found.

After knowing about the target audience, the next step is to determine the number and quality of the souvenirs you want to make.

Determine the number and quality of souvenirs you want to make

Be sure to determine the number of souvenirs according to your needs. However, if you don’t know how many souvenirs you will use, then you should choose a souvenir with an amount based on the minimum order limit, so that the souvenirs you order will not be too much or wasted.

Do not forget also the quality of the souvenirs made. Some companies generally make souvenirs only referring to the quantity without considering the quality. In fact, to leave a good impression is not the way. The use of goods with poor quality can actually damage the image of the company that is promoting.

Now, after determining the quality and quantity of souvenirs, now is the time to determine the budget.

Determine Budget

One of the tips that is no less important in choosing souvenirs is to determine the budget you want to use. In other words, make sure to choose a souvenir that fits your budget, so you won’t be short of funds when ordering souvenirs and won’t run out of money to buy souvenirs that will eventually be distributed free of charge to other parties.

Choosing souvenirs that have prices that tend to be cheap and don’t require a difficult production process can be an option when chasing volume when doing big promotions without targeting specific target consumers. Meanwhile, using exclusive goods with good quality will be more effective when targeting middle, or upper classes consumer.

Remember the concept in the business world, that the more unique and exclusive the souvenir you choose, the more expensive the price will be. So, it’s better for you to finish the new budget matters by choosing exclusive souvenirs. Don’t worry, a minimal budget doesn’t mean you can’t get good souvenirs.

Choosing the Right Promotional Souvenir

The next step is to choose the right promotional souvenirs. Plant your mind to look for souvenirs that are not common. Look for something unique and special so that both old and new customers will be impressed when they receive it. Souvenirs must also be well packaged and unique and neat. Also remember that the souvenirs distributed must be adjusted to the agreed theme of the event or your company’s line of business. Starting from the shape, packaging, color, benefits and often used so that everything has continuity. Example:

  • Making promotional souvenirs in the form of pens will be very effective when targeting students and students. Make sure the promotional pens used are of good quality and comfortable to use. The more often the pen is used; then there is more potential for the inherent message to be conveyed to those who see it.
  • Providing promotional souvenirs in the form of umbrellas when approaching the rainy season can also be a good strategy choice because these items will be very useful and used in the rainy season.
  • Providing promotional souvenirs in the form of cutlery such as mugs, bottles, plastic cups or even various other forms of cutlery can be an effective thing to be distributed to all people and all ages, because they will be used in everyday life.

Find a Company Souvenir Making Service Vendor

In addition to choosing the right type of souvenir as a medium for company or business promotion, you still have to choose a souvenir making service or supplier who will make and produce the souvenir. This is not easy because there are many souvenir suppliers who offer various offers. In order not to be confused, pay attention to some of the criteria below to choose a supplier who will make promotional products for the company:

Collect References

Collecting references is a basic thing that must be done before determining the right promotional item manufacturing service. The more references collected, the better in order to get a lot of information for comparison.

Ask for Price Clarity and Product Details

After successfully choosing a service that best fits the criteria, start looking for information about the souvenir supplier. One of the characteristics of a trusted souvenir supplier is that they provide clarity in the details of the products they offer. The catalog of goods they display is also neat and complete with details such as colors, sizes, clear images, and their credibility. Clear details will make the client feel confident and more interested in using the supplier’s services. Most importantly, the information in the catalog is the same as the details of the item ordered.

See Examples of Souvenirs I’ve Done

When you are familiar with the services of the souvenir supplier, start by asking for or seeing examples of the souvenirs they have produced. It’s a good idea to choose a souvenir making service that offers a variety of products such as promotional t-shirts, promotional bags, promotional USB, and all trending items. Ask them to explain about the quality of the souvenirs they make, such as the materials used, the process, and so on. Ask for price details according to the specifications you need. Asking for clarity about prices is very necessary for negotiating your order. It is possible that you will get a special price with the specifications of your order.

Comments from Past Customers

One more thing you can do before choosing the right supplier is to collect comments from past customers. Try looking for comments (reviews) from friends or other companies that have used the services of these suppliers. Study their comments to determine whether the souvenir supplier is the right supplier to work on your promotional products. Do not only look for the advantages of the supplier, but also the disadvantages according to the old customer. If you have information about the supplier’s strengths and weaknesses, your decision can be much more accurate and minimize risk.

If everything is in accordance with the needs, then immediately determine and place an order for souvenirs. Make sure again that the order details are complete and they understand what kind of souvenir you want. Ensure delivery according to the agreed deadline. Those were some guidelines for choosing corporate souvenirs that you can apply in finding a credible company promotional souvenir vendor.

Company Souvenir Making Services

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