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Recommended Quality Red Wine for Special Occasions

Red wine or often referred to as red wine is one type of alcoholic beverage. These drinks contain alcohol ranging from 8 percent to 15 percent. Consuming red wine can harm the body if it is too much. Conversely, if consumed wisely, it can provide good benefits for the body.

Drinking red wine can prevent cancer. Red wine contains resveratrol which is able to counteract and prevent the effects of damage to body cells due to exposure to free radicals. Red wine is effective in preventing colon cancer and ovarian cancer.

Another benefit of drinking red wine is that it can maintain brain health and improve memory function. Red wine can help slow down the aging process in the brain so that memory is sharper. We can also be free of the risk of stroke, alzheimer’s, to Parkinson’s disease.

Red wine is also effective for maintaining oral and dental health. Bad bacteria that cause dental caries can be eliminated by drinking this drink.

You also need to know that consuming red wine in moderation can help prevent heart disease and control blood pressure. In addition, red wine can also lower blood sugar levels for 24 hours. This drink can also reduce the risk of complications in people with type 2 diabetes.

Customize with Food

Enjoying red wine will be even more delicious if the food is appropriate. If you are a newbie to red wine, then it’s a good idea to ask a sommelier or wine expert for recommendations. Ask what type of food is right for you and don’t be shy about admitting that you are a beginner who eats red wine. This way, it will be easier for the sommelier to find the right type of red wine.

Generally, there is a formula for pairing wine with food. White wine goes better with white meat and red wine goes better with red meat. So, drinking red wine will be more delicious after eating beef steak. Meanwhile, white wine will be more suitable to be enjoyed with processed seafood and chicken. However, wine selection can also change depending on the processing technique and sauce used for a dish.

Choose a Glass and Hold it Correctly

When going to drink red wine, it’s a good idea to choose a special glass, or you can choose a good wine hamper. The design of a wine glass is different from ordinary glasses because it can trap the aroma. In addition, we can also see the glass field. The wider the area of ​​the glass that is used, the easier it is for the red wine to adapt to temperature. Later, the temperature can affect the taste and aroma of the wine.

There are also rules for holding a wine glass. Hold the glass by the stem. The stem of the glass is long so it can maintain the temperature of the wine in the glass. Said the existence of the stem, our hands will not directly touch the glass container so that the body temperature of the hand will not change the temperature of the wine.

Wine Glass Twisting

Before drinking red wine, first twist the stem of the glass. Do it slowly so that the wine spins well. Don’t be afraid to spill because the wine glass is able to hold the wine so it doesn’t come out of the glass easily. You can also do this by placing the glass on the table and then rubbing the bottom of the glass against the table in a circular motion so that the wine in the glass rotates.

Rotating the wine in the glass is important to release the aroma trapped in the wine. With this process, the air will enter the wine molecules. The aroma of real wine will be released and mixed with the air so that it gives off a unique aroma and taste. for those of you who are looking to buy a premium wine, you can buy it at Designyouown wine premium gift

Pay attention to the color and smell the aroma

Before drinking red wine, pay attention to the color of the drink. You can tilt the glass slightly so you can observe the color. You can also point it at the light to see how deep the wine is. The beauty of the color of the wine will further add to our enjoyment when drinking it.

Smell also the aroma of the wine to be drunk. If you’re used to smelling grapes, you may be able to tell if the wine has been fermented for a long time or not. This way, you can also identify the quality of the wine. For example, if the smell of alcohol is too strong, it could mean that the quality of the wine has decreased.

Avoid drinking in one gulp

Avoid drinking wine in one gulp. This makes you less able to enjoy it. Take a sip of the wine and then let the liquid move up and down your tongue. This will allow the grape juice to spread all over your tongue so you can get full concentration of all the flavors. Starting from the sour taste, sweet, to bitter will taste perfectly. After taste wine can also be more pronounced in this way.