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Reasons Why You Need Our Recruitment Agency in Ways You Have Never Done Before

There really is no need for me to start rhyming off any of those tired phrases about the situation we are all in right now. These are tough times for everyone with businesses having to close their doors and people out of work.

That being said, there are employers out there who are still recruiting but, since budgets are often tighter during these times, the temptation seems to be to do the recruitment process yourself rather than engage the help of a professional recruitment service. I totally get this; however, I can also tell you that there are several key reasons why you may end up saving time and money if you resist the do-it-myself temptation and instead get a little help on board.

More Applicants than Ever Before

For this reason, businesses that are recruiting are getting more applicants than they have ever known before. A restaurant in Manchester received a staggering number of applications for one role, in fact over 960 and in some areas of the UK, the typical number of people applying for a job is around 50. The Institute for Employment Studies states that the ratio of benefits claimants to roles is at a high of 103-1 in certain places.

Going through all of the applications and whittling them down to candidates that are good choices for interviews is a massive task, as well as responding to all candidates to advise if they have been successful or not. As well as this, a lot of smaller companies that are looking for employees do not have the right experience to accurately review a CV thoroughly.

Just Because There Are a Lot of Applicants It Doesn’t Mean You Will Get the Right Person for The Job

It can become an even more daunting task to find a candidate who is right for specialist jobs in marketing. Just because lots of people applied it does not mean that any of them are right. Being professional recruiters, we see this situation all the time with a lot of people applying for roles that they have neither experience nor understanding in.

How to Be Successful in the Recruitment Process

  • If you are currently recruiting, you need to make sure that the team responsible is able to deal with the sheer number of applicants that you will receive.
  • It is essential to have a plan of action on the response time that you will set in place so that everyone is responded to within a fair timeframe (even those that will not be going any further in the process)
  • It is important for all applicants to have a positive experience so that you protect your brand.
  • A professionally written advertisement is going to give more chance of attracting the right people for the role.
  • Spend your budget for advertising wisely to make sure that you advertise online and in the right places.

How Can We Help?

Actually, in several ways:

Specialists in Recruitment

Our team of recruiters are dedicated and experienced at what they do. They have access to a comprehensive database that has candidates from each area of marketing; as well as this we have the expertise to manage a high number of applications, respond to everyone, interview potential candidates, and then recommend them to you. We are all about supporting you and ensuring your company brand is dealt with professionally.

Our In-House Recruitment Support

If you need to increase your in-house recruitment for the short term, our team can work with you on a freelance basis. We will do everything you would expect from an in-house recruiter, including reviewing applications and carrying out initial interviews.

The Advertising and Filter Stage

We are able to advertise and filter candidates for a one-off fee, ensuring that you only handle candidates that are relevant to your needs.

Finally, we are ready and waiting to have a chat, and provide advice on the best course of action for your marketing and digital recruitment.