After March 2020, the entire world has operated in a different way than it did before COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic resulted in numerous changes. Well, besides the first few months of the lockdown, we have still offered our property marketing services throughout the pandemic area. Of course, we have been respecting and following the mandated government guidelines to ensure the proper protection of everyone on our team and our clients.

If you need property marketing services look no further than Fourwalls.

The real estate market is far from stagnant simply because people have realized how tough it is to stay in a crowded city. On the other hand, they also realized how tough it is to be away from amenities they might have taken for granted previously. As such, house sales have been booming throughout the pandemic.

With our videography services, you can enjoy everything including walk-throughs to beautifully edited films. We have the latest drone and video technologies to achieve this. Here is a list of our most popular services and you can reach out to us whenever you need anything.

  1. Virtual View

With Virtual view, you can be there without really being there. It is one of our standard videography services that has become quite popular because of the coronavirus restrictions on face-to-face interactions. With virtual view, you can enjoy up to one minute of video. It will be a continuous walk-through of the property showcasing the entire layout thanks to mobile capture with stabilisation technology.

The video is also adapted for social media and websites. Therefore, you can share it as you see fit. It’s not a bespoke service but our video experts can take advice on what areas in the home they can capture and what to avoid. The videos will be shot in portrait or landscape to suit your preferences. If the weather is favourable, the Virtual view service also includes shots of the rear gardens and front externals.

  1. Virtual View Plus

You can upgrade to Virtual View Plus for some extra magic. It is similar to the standard videography service we offer but it comes with some extra time allocation for editing and highlighting special details about the property. We also have smoother camera pans to bring out a more professional look and feel. Even better, we can shoot in landscape for a wider view.

  1. Matterport

We can showcase the finer details of the property using Matterport. With this technology, we can take a walk-through of the property to provide you with a highly detailed 3D representation. It is both interactive and online. Therefore, potential buyers have the ability to walk through the property at their own leisure. You should also be able to get a real sense of the entire home and the scale.

With our Matterport service, we can guarantee a truly immersive and unique look at the property, thanks to our skilled experts. It is a great choice for viewing a property, especially when there is too much restricted travel, especially for international clients. As such, both buyers and vendors can look through the property in their own time without any hassles.

  1. Drone Footage

If the property is impressive, you can showcase the amazing features using drone video footage. Is it a home with a coastal setting? Is it a country home with a lot of lands? Is it a property with specific facilities such as farms or stables? Well, drone footage should be able to highlight scale. It should also bring out a fresh perspective.

It might not be easy to judge the terrain or scope of land as well as the outbuildings from a simple floor plan. We work with certified and trained drone operators. We have asked for permissions from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to ensure that all the drone flights are insured, compliant and safe.