Honesty is very important in every individual. In the world of work, of course, this is also needed. Companies need employees who are honest in their work. Honest employees are certainly wanted by every company. Because employee honesty is one of the important foundations in the prosperity and progress of the company.

All employees may be able to work well but not everyone can be honest. Therefore, leaders need to make employees honest. In this article, we will discuss how to make employees honest and how to find them. Read on for the review below!

How to Make Employees Honest

To get honest employees is not easy, but that does not mean that the honest nature of employees cannot be formed. You can apply some of the ways below to make your employees honest.

Below are ways to make employees honest, including:

Be an Example of a Good Leader

Leaders should be able to be good examples so that their employees can imitate them. You must be a leader who can set a positive example for your employees. Behaving honestly as a leader will certainly be a benchmark for employees in their lives in the office.

Therefore, start with yourself as a leader. Set an example of honest behavior for your employees. The dishonest behavior that you do as a leader will have a big negative impact on your company. Your employees will appreciate the genuine, transparent, and honest nature of their leaders.

Giving Appreciation

As we all know, finding someone who is honest is not easy. Therefore, if you have employees who work honestly in your work environment, don’t hesitate to give appreciation. Do not hesitate to give appreciation to your employees who have an honest nature. You can give rewards in the form of items that he likes.

The goods provided need not be expensive and luxurious. If the honest employee is given a gift, he will feel happy and remember that your company is a company that highly values ​​someone’s honesty. The employee will feel more at home.

Punishing Liars with Severe Punishment

If you find out right away that your employee is lying, whether it’s a small or big lie, punish him. If there is one lie committed by an employee and continues to be allowed, then the lie will become a habit.

If your employee is occasionally caught in a petty lie, then give him a light sentence. However, if he has lied several times and has also lied big enough to have an impact on your company.

You can give him pretty severe punishment. Giving punishment is important to make your employees more honest people. This can reduce the possibility for your employees to commit further lies.

Avoid Being a Chosen Leader

As a leader, you should be able to avoid favoritism. Choosing employees who have worked from the past until now does not provide benefits to you. This will only cause problems. Usually, if a person has friends or relatives who work as subordinates, then this will allow that person to act unfairly.

If you have relatives or friends who work as subordinates, treat them like employees properly. Do not give a different attitude between employees who have close relations with you, and those who are not. If your friendlies, then punish him like you punish your other employees.

Applying Justice

Avoid being unfair to your employees. Because it will only complicate the work environment. As a leader, learn to be fair to all in any case.

You must be firm in dealing with lies committed by your employees. If you have instilled a firm attitude, then your employees will be afraid to commit lies or other disgraceful acts.

Cultivate a Culture of Openness

In assisting efforts to make your employees honest people, create a culture of open and honest communication. Communication is a key factor in keeping the workplace free of rumors, negativity, and dishonesty. Allow your employees to voice their concerns, provide ideas, and seek advice without fear of punishment or defensive reactions.

Always encourage your employees to work with openness. Make a schedule or special times every day or every week to discuss with your employees. Many things can be discussed starting from identifying what problems he faces at work. This not only provides a positive culture for your company but is also useful for closing the opportunity for employees to lie.

Emphasize Responsibility

Instill a sense of responsibility towards your employees, this is important so that they can face and overcome the mistakes they made as soon as possible. Your employees are human beings who will not escape making mistakes from time to time. Ask your employees to realize their mistakes as soon as possible without fear of negative consequences. Make them responsible for their mistakes.

This will help to encourage your employees to be honest at work. If you have instilled the nature of responsibility in your employees, then this will prevent them from lying when they make a mistake.

Employees certainly also want to work for a company that has an ethical, responsible, and transparent atmosphere. One of the best ways for an organization to demonstrate its values ​​is, to be honest, and transparent about what the company believes and stands for.

Giving Explanations to Employees

Leaders in companies can make their employees more honest and open by explaining the reasons and decisions they make. Often, employees feel completely clueless if the company does something out of the blue or when a decision they don’t understand is made. This can lead to a culture where employees feel ignored and indifferent to their leaders.

Unfortunately, to this day it still happens where a company fires employees in a way that makes employees wonder. Don’t let that happen, you have to see and also browse every background checks for employment. Employees cannot ask questions about why and how the decision to fire them was made. This erodes the trust of remaining employees and increases skepticism.

If leaders explain how they arrived at a particular decision and what impact that decision had on the company, departments, and other employees. Thus, employees will value their leaders more and will believe that they are trustworthy and honest.

Making employees honest needs to be done by any company. Because getting honest employees can make the business run smoothly, and achieve maximum targets Honesty is an important thing for the company. Because with honesty, the company can run well so that the company can develop and advance optimally. Honest behavior does seem trivial but this attitude is very necessary for the progress of a business or business. Therefore, the honest behavior of employees needs to be improved. Various things can be done to improve honest attitudes and behavior. So in the future, the company can progress and develop even better.

The Purpose of Making Employees Honest

Making employees honest for the formation of good character

The good character possessed by a person is very influential on that person. Not only in socializing in society but also in the world of work. With the habit of being honest, each employee will gradually have a good character. The next good character must be maintained, including in work. Because good character also affects employee performance. 

Employee reputation increases

A good character which includes an honest attitude to an employee will certainly increase his reputation. Even this self-reputation is not only obtained in the world of work. but furthermore, this self-reputation will appear to be increasing also for everyone who is around the employee. A good self-reputation will certainly have a positive impact, including in the world of work. An increased self-reputation can speed up the process of self-promotion so that a career can go up.

Keeping employees honest to improve team performance

If a company has honest employees, the work environment will be more conducive. Because the honesty that exists in every employee tends to improve team performance. Every employee who joins a team can increase mutual trust between one another. Of course, the performance of this team will increase all profits for the company.

Achievement of company vision

In the end, the honest attitude of all employees can help the company to more easily achieve its goal. What is the vision for a company that can be achieved more optimally? This is certainly related to the increasing productivity of the company. Meanwhile, the productivity of the company itself is also influenced by good employee performance.

Maintain company image

The company’s goals that are achieved generally include various things. Starting from success in terms of marketing and selling products to consumers. Companies also generally aim to be able to maintain loyal customers who can provide income certainty for the company. 

After knowing the ways to make employees honest, now you can practice it in your company.