Your basic abilities also determine the appropriate program for you to take. It is highly recommended for those of you who do not have basic English at all to take a speaking and vocabulary program. If you feel you already have the basics, then you can take the program according to your goals. For example intermediate speaking, pronunciation, public speaking, grammar & TOEFL preparation, translate etc.

How Much Time Do You Have?

The final consideration is time. If you have a minimum length of 6 months, it is recommended to take an integrated program for 6 months such as the one at BEC and smart. Meanwhile, if you have 1 month of time, there are many program options that you can take. Can speak and their children, grammar, or TOEFL preparation. Well, if your time is very short, a maximum of 2 weeks, it will be more effective if you take a speaking pronunciation, or listening program. Because in such a short time, non-continuous programs such as speaking and listening will be easier to form than grammar. That’s why kampung inggris came for you to make your English Languange skilfull.

Online Class

Cheap flights to Kampung Inggris ? Want to go to Kampung Inggris but don’t know when? Take the kampung inggris online class first.

Available classes are
• Basic English Course for Students
namely the English language learning program from zero for 10 days with material adapted to academic lectures.
Suitable for those of you who are already working and want to learn English from scratch. It can be used as a provision before staying in the English camp area.
• Basic English Course for Employees
namely the English language learning program from scratch for 10 days with material adapted to the world of work.
Suitable for students who want to learn English from scratch, it can be used as a provision before living in the camp english area
• Elementary Intermediate English Class – Pre-TOEFL
i.e. a 10-day intermediate level English course for TOEFL scores below 400.
Suitable for you job hunters or domestic scholarships such as LPDP. Almost all bona fide vacancies known private companies ask for TOEFL scores from applicants.
Of the three classes above, learning uses an online method that will be joined in a whatsapp group and accompanied directly by a tutor. Learning can be via mobile phones, the material is presented in the form of videos and text explanations. 1 class with a maximum of 50 people and will receive an e-certificate after completing the course.