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How Are Cannabis Stocks Performing?

The new changes for cannabis around the country have brought some interesting investment opportunities to investors and many are watching the HEXO stock forecast. It has impressed those watching in the investment community. Great things could happen for those who wish to add to their investment portfolio.

The cannabis industry has a projected increase in profit by 2025 of 50%. That’s a significant projection that makes investors take a second look. The legalization in many states and the de-criminalization have created an industry that many entrepreneurs are jumping on board for. Those new businesses need capital. Knowing which businesses are good investments is important. The investment industry has mentioned several that are worth considering.

  • Scotts Miracle-Gro
  • Green Thumb Industries
  • GrowGeneration
  • Innovative Industrial Properties

Scotts Miracle-Gro provides their cannabis through hydroponics. While they have added this to their company, it is an excellent choice for investments because they also have a pre-existing company that brings gardening products to their customers. They have a stable investment opportunity for those looking to help their hydroponic production. While there is always a risk, there is also relief for those who want to add cannabis investments to their portfolio and business plan.

Green Thumb Industries is another great investment opportunity. They are in a state that allows for the production and distribution of cannabis. That protects their investors during this time where some states allow it, but others do not. On the journey to legalize it in all 50 states and the federal level, this is a solid company for investors.

Grow Generation began as a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro and, as such, is a solid investment. The backing of another business with a proven track record verifies its place in the investment world.

Innovative Industrial Properties is another excellent investment company because they made certain to only operate in states where the business is legal. This secures their investors. They also have a leasing property company attached to the business, ensuring investors.

How the Companies Diversified

There are two categories for the cannabis business. The growers grow and package the product for distribution. They handle medical and recreational and CBD production. The stores sell them for the growers. This is the new market that has grown up from the entire explosion of both cannabis and CBD production and legalization for distribution.

The Pandemic

The pandemic increased the industry. People were looking for recreation and medicinal uses. The production increased because the demand exploded. Some have even expanded into home delivery. Again, the legalization will help this expand.

All this has created a boom for investors. There are several areas to invest in. Money is needed in production and store locations. The creativity of edibles is a huge area for growth. The most interesting part is the uses in body products. Topical application such as soaps, lotions, and aromatics is exploding right now. Investors are entering the market now because this growth has become so promising. If you are wondering how to invest in this new industry, you can do so right now. There are several on the NYSE.


HEXO stock looks good with a gain of 26%. They serve Canada, Israel, and Malta for exports. This is a promising investment opportunity for immense growth as time progresses. They produce for both medical and recreation consumption. They are located in Ft. Collins, Colorado.

Curaleaf Holdings is one of the top ten stocks to count on for investments. The company grows and produces cannabis in dispensaries throughout the entire United States and Europe. They collaborate with Agrify Corporation for further development and research. This amount of growth potential makes it a prosperous investment opportunity.

All these companies offer opportunities to make money at high-risk and long-term investments. Each one is cutting-edge potential for growth. Think about how much risk you are willing to take for an investment in this category of investments. It’s exciting as the laws across the United States have changed for the cannabis industry.