If you have a lot of stuff, you may want to look into self storage, in Farnborough for example. There are some people who get a self storage unit for a few days, weeks, months and there are others who rent one for a much longer period. These people generally use these units as another place to store items when their home isn’t enough or for items that are only used once or twice during the year. It is basically a safe place to store their belongings and where they know their items would be completely secure and in the same condition as before it was stored. With that said, if you are interested in getting a long term storage unit, there are a few considerations you should closely ponder.

Clean Items

If you plan to put particular items into a storage unit, you should always ensure they are completely dry and clean before you do so. This will ensure that mould doesn’t grow on your belongings. The main causes of mould are usually clothes since these are typically stored when they aren’t fully dried or are dirty. This causes bad smells and mildew to occur over time. Another typical cause of mould is kitchen items since these usually have remnants of grease and food on them. Once these are stored in a dark area over time, mould will occur and become a serious problem. This will not only be a health hazard but would also ruin all of your belongings in the storage unit. As a result, before you store your belongings, make sure that they are properly cleaned and dried.

Proper Packing

Next, in order to ensure your belongings are secure, you need to properly pack them in the unit. This is important to prevent the storage boxes from collapsing or caving in. It will also ensure that your clothes are not exposed which would cause moths to bite them or mould to grow on them. It is best to avoid packing your belongings in plastic bags since these cause the build up of moisture over time within the bag. So, when you open the bag you may find mould and mildew on your clothes and personal items. It is best to use good quality boxes which can be safely stacked on top of one another and maintain their shape. You should take the time to ensure all of your belongings are well packed so that they don’t get damaged. Also, there are certain types of items which will require special care and packing:

Delicate Belongings

If you need to store any delicate items then you should wrap them in bubble wrap. You can also use packing paper and newspaper and then store them inside of a cardboard box that contains filler material which would help keep them in place and prevent damages. Never place boxes that contain delicate items at the bottom of the unit since this can cause them to get damaged. Instead, it is best to place them at the top of the stack.


In the event that you need to store lots of clothes, you should purchase boxes that are meant for storing clothes or wardrobe boxes. These will allow you to place your clothes in garment bags and then you can hang them. This is a better option when compared to simply placing them in any box or bin bag. If you use bin bags, this will cause moisture over time which will then cause mould.

Placing a Covering on the Floor

When storing your belongings for a long period, you should think about the entire storage unit which includes the floor of the unit. In most cases, these are usually made from concrete which is cold and would not absorb any liquids that gets spilled. This includes moisture, condensation, sweat etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use a sheet or canvas tarp and cover the floor before you place your belongings in the unit. This will help to keep your items protected from the floor and separated. If possible, you should install shelves in the unit so that your items don’t need to be on the ground. This will go a long way in ensuring your belongings don’t get damaged by a damp floor as well as improve airflow within the unit.