Five Reasons Why People Purchase Antiques

Any person who has a thing for purchasing and collecting antiques will provide their own justification for spending their hard-earned cash on items that are hundreds of years old. While investing in something that will just sit in a glass case on display might seem ridiculous to some, experts at Serendipity understand that, for the collector, there is always a story behind why acquiring such an object is important to them.

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The Age of the Object
The age of an antique object is basically what makes it antique. One of the main reasons why people are attracted to very old items is that whatever they are purchasing is older than them. Antique objects provide a great way of connecting to the past, especially for those with an interest in certain time periods. For example, think about an early porcelain ewer. Back in the 15th century, China was the sole country that exported porcelain throughout the world. Porcelain ewers are some of the most sought-after items by collectors since they were made in the 1400s, potentially making them some of the first porcelain pieces to ever be imported to Europe.

Another reason why people would be drawn to an object due to its age is its craftsmanship. Almost all objects made prior to the industrial revolution were handmade, and this can further connect the person to the antique. It is amazing to think that someone, at some point in time, took the time and effort to make something without using machines, and it is still surviving. Also, certain time periods are defined by the craftsmanship of a particular century. The techniques of creating something tend to evolve with time, which explains why an ewer from the 15th century is considered more valuable than an ewer made in the 17th Century given that the process of making porcelain was more complicated back in the 15th Century.

To Make Money
For example, a couple from Cheshire, England, Ruth Shearn and Rick Blears collect and sell Art Deco antiques. While at times they do spend a large sum of money on certain pieces, they don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make a sizeable profit. For instance, in 2013, the couple bought a terracotta figurine on eBay for about £26. Considering that it was a Cortendorf terracotta figurine, the brand in itself holds a certain value that the previous owner might have not been aware of. After the figurine was restored, it is now worth about £800. Both Ruth and rick have confirmed that all the money made from the sale of antiques will go to their daughter to ensure that she is well taken care of after they are gone.

Living Through Memory
When it comes to antique objects, what the item is doesn’t necessarily matter provided that it is intimate and provokes precious memories. Even though the antique spoon collection from your grandmother may not be souvenirs from your travels, it still holds much value to her and her memories as a living person and it may inspire you, the inheritor, to go on adding to the spoon collection to pay homage to her and her memory.

The Former Owner
While nowadays people don’t normally wear the hair of dead people, many people still buy antique objects that previously belonged to special people as a way to feel more connected to these people. For example, David Rockefeller bought White Centre, a painting created by Mark Rothko in 1960 for an amount below £8,000. Rockefeller then put up the painting for auction in 2007, and the painting was estimated to fetch up to 31 million pounds if sold.

For the Thrill of the Find
One of the main reasons why people love collecting antiques is because it is a very fun experience. When you visit an antique store, there is usually no telling what one will find. There are many antique stores in Old Town, Fort Collins, and also the outskirts of the city including the A and J Antique mall and A-1 Antiques and Furniture.