Buy Turkish Groceries and Food You Miss from Home in San Francisco Halal Stores with Bakkal Mobile Application

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Do you have Turkish snacks that you miss from home? Well, worry no more because there are now San Francisco halal stores where you can get your fill of all the food that you love!

Cin Orange Jelly Biscuits

This iconic cookie from Eti is basically a distant cousin of jaffa cake from Britain. But rather than a soft sponge with orange jam topping and finished with chocolate, you will get a cookie, chocolate sprinkles, and orange jelly.

Çizi and Haylayf

If you want some tea biscuits with more variety, Haylayf and Çizi are two of your best choices. Haylayf is a type of sweet cookie with sugar sprinkles while Çizi is a kind of crispy cracker of cheese flavor. These two are both great snacks to enjoy during teatime.

Coco Star

If you love to eat Almond Joy and you have always wanted to have almond right in the middle of it, then, Coco Star is just what you need.


Çokonat is like the leveled-up version of Ülker’s chocolate wafer. Filled with hazelnut cream, crisp wafers, and hazelnuts with semi-sweet chocolate covering, it is a candy bar that is completely unique to Turkey.


This is made up of two tea biscuits with a cocoa cream layer inside. It is a simple but decadent treat that you can enjoy all on its own or pair best with coffee.

Dido and Albeni

These two are the Kitkat and Twix of Turkey respectively. In fact, some find it better than their American counterparts.


Halley is the perfect combination of marshmallow sandwiched between a couple of biscuits with chocolate cover. If South Korea has Lotte Choco Pie, Turkey has Halley.


This is one of the lines of cookies of Ülker, which is a hazelnut cookie with chocolate filling.


Metro is a type of nougat with caramel on top that is not so dense. It is basically two layers of perfection with a delightful and thin chocolate shell covering.

Pop Kek

Pop Key is a moist and sweet fun-sized cake with chocolate cream or banana cream filling with another chocolate layer on top.

Pretzel Sticks

Pretzel Sticks is a certified staple in gas stations in Turkey, which is not a surprise as this is the perfect salty and crispy snack for those road trips.

Puf Biscuits

The Eti brand is really good at putting stuff on cookies when adding sprinkles to finish them off and with Puf Biscuits, this is none other than a marshmallow ball. You can find it with rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sprinkles.

Tea Biscuits

The tea biscuits from Ülker are a certified must-have item in the pantry of any household in Turkey. These are best paired with tea, and you can also enjoy having them with soda or milk, specifically the Turkish fruit-flavored soft drink Uludağ Gazoz. These treats are not that sweet and has a light vanilla aroma.

Visit and start adding these Turkish groceries to your cart right away so you won’t have to miss home anymore!