8 Effective Ways To Increase Online Sales

Increasing online sales is the goal of every online business entrepreneur, startup or establishment alike. With more and more players entering the online business world, the share of profits is getting narrower and the chance of customer shifts have also increased. Even the established businesses have to come up with tips and tricks to ensure continued sales and growth over a period. Fortunately, there are many ways to boost your online business. Here we have shared a few effective ones that would help any business setup, small or large.

  1. Show testimonials: Existing customers’ trust and satisfaction has been considerably influential than any other promotional gimmick. Therefore, it is advisable to add customer testimonials, reviews, and ratings on product page, landing page, pricing page, home page, and even Google. You can add tags of best-sellers to your most popular products. Customer feedback has become important in the age of social media and easier to obtain than ever before. Similarly, you can include trust signals to allure customers and increase sales.
  • Create Urgency in Your Posts: As a customer you would have noticed several companies creating a sense of urgency. For instance, you are buying a rakhi for Raksha Bandhan, you will see only a few left in the stock. Save 10% on gold rakhi, offer ends soon and such catchy headlines. Incorporate the same into your business posts and webpages. Make people feel that they need a particular product you are selling and that too very urgently to give a much-needed push to the online sales.
  • Offer Fewer Choices: You must be confused after reading this. Variety is the king and we all have been hearing this since ages. But, there can be downsides of a great product range. It can overwhelm people leading to loss of sales. If you have a wide range of products displayed at your website, structure them properly and offer limited options. You can arrange the products by price (low to hight or high to low) or by popularity or any other filter.
  • Reduce Friction at Checkout and Payment Process: How do you retain your customers? Well, you will say with product quality and deliveries. That’s one aspect of it. If you have a good product range and provide timely deliveries, and still are not able to hold back customers, you need to check your checkout and payment. Frictions and inconveniences while placing orders or issues during payment can give a negative signal to the customer. He or she is less likely to return to your website. For conversions, make checkout easy and simple.
  • Provide Many Payment Options: Do your business accept debit cards and credit cards only? What about paytm, google pay, and cod? Provide customers as many payment options as possible to attract a variety of customers who would like to pay using different payment methods. If possible add, COD. Many customers seek COD options to be sure and this could be beneficial for your business.
  • Good Quality Product Image: If you are a product-based company, make sure your product images are original and of good quality. The first look has to be excellent to entice customers. For instance, Raksha Bandhan is coming, for all of your rakhi products, add roli-chawal effect in images for the feel and vibe. For Valentine’s Day products, add hearts. Use gif in product images and other technologies. Invest in a good photographer and videographer.
  • Try Gmail Ads: Gmail ads are accessible to all. Gmail ads have become an exciting way to augment sales. An effective way to increase sales from Gmail is to target competitor keywords. By targeting your competitor’s keyword you can show up in people’s inboxes and manage to change their minds.
  • Add Giveaway: People love free stuff. Give free stuff as much as possible. On Instagram handle, run giveaway contests as much as possible. You can also give freebies, samples for testing, and reward-based incentives. It’s a great way to tempt customers and provoke them to buy more and every time for you.

Step-by-step incorporate these ideas into your online business model to increase your sales and to have a thick base of existing customers.